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Steve Love

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These are just a few of the thousands of messages, tributes and comments that have been left about Steve. We've not added any names - you know who you are - but if you would like your comment attributed to you, just let us know.

Thank you everyone and for all the others comments and memories too numerous to add.

He would fix my computer when it broke... I'd have been battling with it for hours and steve would press a couple of buttons (normally on and off) and id feel and look like an idiot! Thing with Steve was, to me, he was by far the cleverest man I knew.

In my mind’s eye I see his unique smile, hear that voice and remember his humour with the quiet, rock solid intelligence behind it.

I hope his family, friends & loved ones find comfort in knowing that sven has left a legacy with thousands of people worldwide that can never be forgotten... to a wonderful man... you've touched the hearts of many...

You could tell straight away that his children made him so happy, so proud and that even though he accomplished some amazing things in his life, they were to him by far his greatest achievement. What a great dad.

If it's any consolation to his family, he has inspired thousands of people to live their lives more fully.

Thanks for all the chuckles over the years…………..

It's a sad loss for this world. Even though I've watched only a handful of videos from Sven, I liked him really much. I loved his lifestyle and his personality. Rest in peace.

He was a true treasure and will be missed greatly by me and all of his subscribers on youtube!

A great man who has brought countless smiles and joy to thousands across the world.

Steven was an inspiration to us all and will not be forgotten.

I know Sven would agree that life is but a momentary glimpse of the wonder of this world and that he lives on in the thoughts and deeds of those he loved. Commiserations and goodbye my friend. xXx

Rest in Peace - but never stop riding. Thank you for making me smile so often.

I was lucky to have you as a part of my life and I will never forget you my friend.

I think of my Steve like a computer. He was a complex model with many different programmes. Fun Dad, Crazy Uncle, Loving Son, Expert vlogger, Funny YouTuber, Eloquent Speaker plus many others. One day the power failed and we could not reboot. Unique and irreplaceable. (Steve's Mum)

Known to a lot of people by so many different names and so many different faces. But to those who lived a few doors away and those who knew Mr Love from childhood, there is only one word that described this incredible man. Friend.

A man of inspiration, just the few chats online clearly put forth how great of a individual you were!

You were truly a unique character and an inspiration to thousands.

He leaves a legacy and many wonderful memories in the lives of family and friends.

you were always the most infuriating, hilarious workmate ever! I've often pushed myself harder in my aspirations with having you as inspiration.

The world is a better place for the hearts you have touched.

I am very greateful to have you as my friend. You will be very missed.

Everytime i've needed a friend or guidance you've been here in a heartbeat.

What a rich and benevolent character... It's not often life throws a person of that caliber at you; I can only be greatful that I had the opportunity to know you.

RIP Fella, your humour and charm will definitely be missed.

I was a stranger in a strange land and u saved me twice. U were ever a gentleman and a scholar my friend & I owe you dearly.

we had so many plans to look forward to. i am going to do them with you in my heart.

One in a million that's for sure, maybe even a hundred million.

Steve, you were unique. You did everything your way, you were never afraid to say what you thought and I had so much respect for that. Your sense of justice and the passion with which you always fought for anything you believed in were inspirational.

Steve it was a pleasure to have known you mate a true gent and amazing dad to you two beautiful kids

it was a pleasure and adventure knowing you.

i count myself lucky to have been your friend, thank you so much for that.

It was a complete pleasure knowing you mate.

Steve you were a true legend. The world will not be the same without you.

Going to miss you mate, your honesty, straight talking, superb humour and dry wit.

Once met,never forgotten,

A kind, generous man who would do anything to help anyone.

Steve was a great, kind, gentle Man.

gr8 guy, a pleasure to have known and so talented.RIP Steve.  You truly made a difference and you will be missed by all.

Tell his kids that his influence reached further than even he knew.

I'll never forget those stupid songs you used to make up for me to cheer me up when I was down. You were so special x

You had the ability to piss some one off with one sentence and have them laughing hysterically with the next. The world is missing a great character.

Just reading over old messages from Steve and I came across a discussion we where having about religion and how I believed in god. This is a quote from Steve: "If I think you're a nob for having an imaginary friend then i'll say so, but that doesn't mean we're any less friends...." Thats one of the things I like about Steve, he is honest and direct :o)

and finally this is one of our memories as Steve's parents:

He adored his children. When he played with them, it was never as an adult: he would immerse himself in their play as if he were a child himself, laughing, having fun and running around - all 6’6” of him, a gentle giant. It was a delight to watch.


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RIP Svengalie


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