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Steve Love

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This is a tribute website and we don't want to dwell on why he died, however we cannot get away from the fact that he was going through distressing divorce proceedings which at times left him terribly upset and stressed.

We feel that the British divorce laws should be enforced and will be speaking to our local MP about this.

Myths and false information

There is speculation, rumours and false information going around we would like to dispel some of those:

  • The house he died in was empty
  • No one lived there
  • It was up for sale
  • It was clear of all possessions and furniture
  • No one else was in the house
  • He did not have any money worries
  • He adored his children and his girlfriend Nicole
  • There were no drugs or alcohol in his blood (Confirmed in official toxicology reports)

He loved that house and saw it as the pinnacle of his success and how he had provided for his family along with their other two properties. Our theory is that he went back to see it, maybe knowing it would be the last time as it was having to be sold for the divorce, he was losing everything, his money, his homes and his children, something must have snapped and the Steve we know and love disappeared to be replaced with someone extremely depressed who could not think straight about what they were doing.

We cannot think of any other explanation as the Steve we know and love would never have left his children, Nicole or us.

Update 2015:

Angela Samata, who’s husband committed suicide 11 years ago, made a BBC documentary called "Life After Suicide", to encourage people to talk about the issue of bereavement by suicide and to encourage those who may be suicidal to talk about their feelings.

It was screened on Tuesday, 17th March 2015, during the documentary Angela spoke with Professor Rory O’Connor who for many years has studied the physical changes in the brain of someone who is contemplating taking their own life.

She said she wanted to understand what had happened to someone like Mark (her husband) , a creative, wonderful, vibrant person, for him to think that the best thing would be for him not to be here any more.

She said - "He (Professor O'Connor) explained how the view of the world becomes very narrow, and that the person can’t think of their family and friends, that in our rational minds we would think about.”

This is exactly the conclusion we came to at the time, Steve was also a vibrant, witty, clever and wonderful person and Professor O’Connor’s studies have confirmed what we thought, that when someone is contemplating suicide they cannot think of anything else, it is like their brains become a tunnel and all they can focus on is the idea of escaping the way they feel and what is happening to them, all thought of family and friends is gone, it is beyond their control.

The full article can be read here:

Thinking of divorce?

We know marriages break down, it is a part of life and we accept that, but before you get caught up in the legal process please look into the options of mediation.

Steve really wanted mediation, he wanted to sit down and talk things through, he booked mediation sessions. We feel the system completely let him down.

More details here on mediation options: Divorce and Mediation

If we can save just one person going through what Steve did and what we are now going through, this page will be worth while.


Need help or support?

We found comfort in the following sites:

Have you been affected by the loss of a loved one? NHS Live Well/Dealing with loss might help

Have you Suffered loss through suicide?

SOBS Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, a fantastic support network which we have found to be extremely useful.

NHS Live Well: Coping after suicide

Need to talk?

Samaritans - Free confidential help

PLEASE, PLEASE - talk to someone if things get you down to the point where you feel suicide is the only option.


From the "Grief Toolbox" someone who didn't complete suicide explained how they felt:



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Geocaching was one of Steve's hobbies, he formed this Channel to promote it to everyone. Like he says "Not really spoilers"

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Messages from those who loved him from around the world

RIP Svengalie


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