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Steve Love

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Steve loved using greenlanes and was keen to get as many as possible logged

He created a website about them

My aim is to keep his Greenlaning website open:


With the help of one of his good friends I have managed to get all the files and am now hosting them myself so at least they are safe and not, as I first thought, lost forever.

Update 2013 - With the help of one of Steve's friends Filipe, the maps are now working, he has worked long and hard over the last 6 months to get it all sorted - heartfelt thanks go to him!

It is hoped that information can be added in the future so watch this space.

All this is purely linking to Steve's site, it does not mean I know anything about green lanes and I do not ride myself!


svengalieytheaderYou Tube

See Steve's videos and exploits on his You Tube Channel.

geocacheytheaderGeocache Spoilers

Geocaching was one of Steve's hobbies, he formed this Channel to promote it to everyone. Like he says "Not really spoilers"

facebookFacebook Tribute Page

Messages from those who loved him from around the world

RIP Svengalie


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