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Steve Love

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We didn't want Steve's funeral to be a traditional sombre event.

We thank everyone for helping to make it something unique and special

Filled to capacity the service was also relayed live all over the world with relatives, friends and online acquaintances watching from far afield as Australia, Taiwan, Argentina, Russia and America.

Many biker friends came along, Glyn did a burn out (Is that the right word?) as he left the car park, we are sure Steve would have liked that and had a giggle!

People came from miles around. Some walked for miles to be there, some came on pushbikes. Thank you all for making the effort to be there, it meant a lot to us.

Nicole and her brother Shane travelled for 3 days and around 5,000 miles to make sure she was here for her beloved Steve.

Graham (Steve's Dad) found some inner strength that he did not know he had and did a beautiful eulogy to Steve, bringing both laughter and tears.

Chris (Steve's Brother) made a beautiful compilation of photographs which were played during the service to the music, Everybody Hurts. Again, bringing laughter and tears.

Afterwards we all met up for a bite to eat and a drink eager to reminisce about Steve. We had made a journal in which everyone could, if they wished, write a happy memory of Steve. We have put the journal in a memory box which we are keeping for his children until they reach an age when they are old enough to understand, probably when they are adults, they can have it (if they want) and see how everyone loved their Daddy.

The book is full to bursting and we thank everyone for taking the time to add a memory. For those who were not with us we have copied your memories from Facebook and added them to the journal.







The Order of Service sheet can be seen here: Order of Service

In his Last Will and Testament Steve's last wish was that his share of the estate was left to his children, to be put in trust until they reach 18 years of age.

This prompted many people to ask if they could send donations to a trust for the children instead of flowers at the funeral. Eastwood and District Funeral Service made this possible and we cannot thank them enough for arranging it and massive thanks to those who donated, you are all so kind.

Donations can no longer be sent via the Funeral Directors so, if you have the address linked from your website or blog please be aware that it has ended, however we have set up another address for PayPal so that donations can continue:, these are being collected by us and we guarantee they will go straight to the trust fund:










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We thought long and hard for a fitting epitaph, we hope you will act upon it:

"He lived, loved, laughed - go do the same"


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Geocaching was one of Steve's hobbies, he formed this Channel to promote it to everyone. Like he says "Not really spoilers"

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Messages from those who loved him from around the world

RIP Svengalie


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