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Steve Love

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The Old Man Mask proved to be a very popular prank with one of Steve's videos even being featured on the American TV programme "Pranked"

So realistic even his own mother did not recognise him!

I came home one day to find an old man in our lounge. (Photo middle above). Graham explained that the old man had turned up on the doorstep looking for his wife Elsie.

I was a bit confused as I did think it strange that Graham would have let him in to wait patiently for her but when you are faced with such a strange event all reasoning goes out of the window. (I can fully see how people get taken in with pranks on shows like the good old Jeremy Beadle ones from the 1980s!)

The old man suddenly got up and came lumbering across the room towards me, arms outstretched, asking "Are you my Elsie? My Elsie?"

Afterwards I did think that I should have realised that there are not many 6'6" old men around!

I was so scared because he was so big and I could see he was very confused and was worried he was going to grab me so I rushed outside hoping to draw him away from the house!

I screamed as he grabbed my arm and I think it was at this point that Steve realised he should come clean before I had a heart attack!

He could barely stand for laughing as he peeled off his mask.

If you look closely at the picture below, which I took afterwards, you can see the shine of tears of laughter in his eyes. He thought it was hilarious and never let me forget being taken in.


The old man mask and also another one called the thug mask have been used in many pranks featuring his friends and work colleagues.

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RIP Svengalie


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