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Below are memorial rides that have happened or will be happening, in tribute to Steve, there may also be more information on the Facebook or on the channel set up by Richy - Svens Memorial Ride - : don't forget to subscribe and book mark it. Do let us know if you have anything planned in the future If you have any videos from the day, or previous events, that you would like added here please email us at

Also see the Geocaching page for Memorial Geocaches and the Memorial Events page for other types of memorials

TheSvengalieRideJPEGSvengalie Ride Art Work - this was kindly drawn from the 2014 group photo by Bex88 - you can find Bex on YouTube here: Bex88

Ride for Svengalie 2018
Ride for Svengalie 2017

Ride for Svengalie 2016
Rides for Svengalie in 2015

Ride for Svengalie 2014
Ride for Svengalie - February 2013
Ride for Svengalie - 2012

2018 Memorial Ride

Held on 24th June 2018 the ride had a different route this time, taking in the beautiful sights of Cheddar Gorge. Amazed as always how many people turned up to remember Steve - thank you all xx

Here is Phil's video of the day:

2017 Memorial Ride

Held on 22nd June 2017 at the usual Whiteways Cafe start. Great ride out again. Still awaiting some videos, will get them on asap.

Richy's video ride out to visit Nottingham can be found here:

2016 - Memorial ride

The ride took place on Sunday 19th June 2016 leaving at 10 am from Whiteways Cafe, Bury Hill, Houghton, Arundel East Sussex, BN18 9FD.

Richy had ride T.Shirts made again this time using the logo produced by Bex from the main ride logo. tshirt

Video of the ride by Phil480 can be found here:

You can get more info here about the plans:

As a bonus here is a a memory video by Richy. "The Sven we Loved" :

2015 - Memorial rides

More details can be found here on the new channel set up by Richy - Svens Memorial Ride - : don't forget to subscribe and book mark it!

The first 2015 memorial ride took place on 29th March 2015 from Chichester to Brighton. Wet and windy but still a good turn out. Great fun was had we hear, although they did manage to get lost in a car park :)

See Richy's video here:


The second ride was held June 21st 2015 - as the weather is often poor in March it was decided to move it to the summer for future events and the first Summer Ride video can be seen here, the weather was lovely and everyone enjoyed a great day out with wonderful views:

See Richy's video here:

Attended by: Phil480: Rhin0Neil: Kezia (Not on youtube.) SMoto Dan: Pictures below courtesy of Kezia and SMotoDan



Ride for Svengalie - March 2014

22nd March 2014 - Southern England. The ride took place from Chichester to Beachy Head. We were delighted to be able to attend the start of the ride along with other members of our family. A massive thank you to Richy for organising this and to all those who attended including those who rode in other parts of the world on the same day, we have heard of people riding in the USA (Lazy Cricket was one and his video is below) and also in Russia and Australia. Thank you all for helping to keep Steve's memory alive, it is a lovely way to remember him, we really appreciate it and we know that Steve would be humbled at the thought of you riding for him, although he would also say you are all mad! Below are a variety of photos and videos from the day:


As embedding too many makes the page slow, I have just linked to all the videos:

On the Svens Memorial Ride Channel:

‪AbandonThatShip - The 2014 Svengalie memorial ride extra: Hail stones.‬

‪RamblingOfABiker - 2014 Svengalie Memorial Ride‬

2WheeledMatt -Svengalie Rideout 2014

Part 1

Part 2‬

2WheeledMatt - Journey to Svengalie ride out

RamblingsOfABiker - ‪Svengalie ride out and talking about my new bike‬

phil480 - ‪Svengalie Memorial Ride 2014‬

‪Lazy Cricket - RIP Svengalie‬ (Lazy Cricket was riding in St. Louis, USA)

The Sussex Biker - Svengalie Memorial Ride 2014

You can also keep up to date with any latest news on the Facebook page:


Ride for Svengalie - February 2013

Brighton area, Sunday 3rd February 2013 - organised by Kyle and Richy. A lovely idea and we would like to thank them so much for doing something like this to remember Steve and thank everyone who took part - there are plans to make this an annual event and you can keep up to date with any latest news on the Facebook page:

The ride took place from Devils Dyke near Brighton, and headed down through Brighton and Worthing then up through some country roads and back to Devils Dyke. The lap was about 40 miles and 17 riders took part. The T.Shirt was made especially for the event by Kyle and Richie, the quote on the back is by Steve and taken from his You Tube channel. (Click pic for a larger image).



Some of the memorial ride videos:

First one by IGCNightmare:

Second by AbandonThatShip:

One added to the Sven Memorial Ride Channel:

Ride for Svengalie 2012

A ride on the 12th May 2012 from Nottingham to Bakewell planned by Dan Searjeant

After quite a few rainy and cold days the weather turned dry and warm for this event.

It was great to put names to faces when we met with the riders as they set off from the White Hart pub in Lenton, Nottingham. A big thank you to the owners of the White Hart for letting the boys use the car park to meet up, find out more here-

The riders set off on their journey and by the sounds of it they had a great time in Derbyshire visiting some of Steve's favourite off road areas.

Not being bikers ourselves we took the 4 wheel route to Bakewell and met them there later in the afternoon along with Steve's brother and family. It was good to meet up and have a chat with them all over a drink at the pub.

John had gone to a lot of trouble to have some 'Sven Made Me Smile' stickers and the same image on a T Shirt, which he later kindly gifted to me, albeit it very wet and sweaty!! Thanks John! :-) They were a lovely idea and we were moved by such thoughtfulness in you all wanting to remember Steve this way. Love you all.

Below are some photos and video from the day:


If the video shows a 'does not exist' error, click here to access it










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