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Steve Love

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Who is Steve?

A many faceted man. A truly devoted Dad, loving partner to Nicole. A wonderful son and brother and a very crazy uncle!

A work mate, friend and colleague. An online friend to many worldwide through his vlogging, videos, youtube and geocaching.

Steve was born on a very windy day in March 1981

As a mum you remember that day vividly and I can still feel his little warm downy head pressed into my neck. A feeling that brought comfort to me in those dark days after his death.

Named Steven Jonathan Love but as he grew he preferred to be called Steve or Ste (even occasionally to close friends as a joke, 'St'!). Later following the success of his YouTube Channel he became known worldwide as Svengalie and Sven.

He grew up in Nottinghamshire and worked locally for a time before work took him to Brighton, Sussex in the 2000's. He became a very successful businessman, providing his family with a wonderful lifestyle and truly beautiful homes which he saw as the pinnacle of his success. He was very proud to have provided for his family in this way.

He had two children from his marriage and he adored them. He was a big kid himself and would spend many hours with them doing the things kids liked, building go-karts, bike riding and playing silly games. He would set treasure hunts that took them off around the park looking for clues.

We fondly remember the time he was playing hide and seek and hid on one of our bedroom windowsills, imagine a 6' 6" giant perched on a 8" ledge between window and curtain and you get the idea! He took some finding, well who would think to look there?!

Sadly his marriage ended in 2010, but he found love again in the shape of beautiful Nicole, a perfect match as they were both over 6' tall - at last he could look someone in the eye!








Sadly in February 2012 divorce proceedings got too much for him and he took his own life.

He put so much into his 30 years, more than many do in a full lifetime.

He loved, lived and laughed. We hope you will do the same in his memory.

picture2"Uncle Steven" no kid could wish for a better Uncle, crazy games and laughter all the way. Hold on to the ears though - what a height




christmashugThis picture means so much to us, it was her last ever Christmas hug with her Daddy.

It broke his heart not to be able to be with them each day.








Boys together!





Family fun, but he didn't manage to beat his Dad down the slide!


svengalieytheaderYou Tube

See Steve's videos and exploits on his You Tube Channel.

geocacheytheaderGeocache Spoilers

Geocaching was one of Steve's hobbies, he formed this Channel to promote it to everyone. Like he says "Not really spoilers"

facebookFacebook Tribute Page

Messages from those who loved him from around the world

RIP Svengalie


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